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1. Vote for Campaign on, India’s Tipaimukh Dam must be stopped
2. An open letter to World leaders by International Farakka Committee
3. Petition to Ban Ki Moon by International Farakka Committee
4. International Farakka Committee and Bangladesh Farakka Committee: A Joint
appeal to World Leaders (in Bangla)

5. Articles on adverse effect of ‘India’s Tipaimukh Dam’ by World leaders

  1. An alrming venture_Mustafizur Rahman Tarafdar.pdf
  2. Geological condition_Soibam Ibotombi.pdf
  3. Old Concept_Harunur rashid.pdf
  4. Probable adverse effects_Anowar Hossain.pdf
  5. Tipaimukh-varotar pani.pdf
  6. Bane or Boon_Asadullah Khan.pdf
  7. IFC News.pdf
  8. Open letter to world leaders_New age.pdf
  9. Transboundary Rivers_International law_Rizwana Hasan.pdf
  10. Tipaimukh Dam-social damage.pdf
6. An Urgent Appeal to the World Conscience
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